For 10+ years Zack has been creating professional headshots of actors, celebrities, CEO’s and business leaders. He’s done headshots for people including Andre Agassi, Ashley Olsen, Bill Clinton, Freida Pinto, Marcia Cross, Howard Schultz and Michael Bloomberg. Famous faces aside, Zack is equally happy to photograph anyone who simply wants to look their best!

Businesses, corporations, entertainment companies and actors hire Zack as their photographer because they know he consistently produces premium quality photography. Clients also know that when they hire Zack they get a smooth professional experience.

Zack has a professional grade pop-up studio that can be setup in almost any office, conference room, studio or event space. Zack uses the portable studio to create images that are identical to what we could achieve in a expensive photo studio; but for a fraction of the cost. The convenience of offering a pop-up studio ensures that wherever you are, Zack can create headshots for you — near you.

Different approaches and techniques are involved in creating professional business headshots, actor headshots, company headshots and so on. Zack is experienced with every type of need and is happy to help with yours. Please reach out to us with any questions or for a quick quote by clicking here.